Unlock the secret of downloading content and release yourself from the captivity of the Streamable by learning to use a Streamable Video Downloader.

Streambale video downloader is a tool to download the videos you desire to watch in offline mode. Actually, the downloader is developed to get the videos in your phone’s file without paying any penny. Not only this, but the downloader also removes watermarks and provides a clip with zero download quality degradation. In simple words, you will get your video without losing quality and then you can upload it anywhere.

Equally important, the downloader also allows you to customize the quality of the videos such as you can download a 720p video in quality of 144p. As well, using the Streamable video downloader is easier than using the Streamable application. It provides a unique and simple-to-follow interface, even a layman can use the platform to get his favorite videos in the phone’s gallery. Let’s explore the application and its downloader together.

Streamable Video Downloader

Free Streamable Video Downloader HD Quality Fast
Free Streamable Video Downloader HD Quality Fast

I have been using Streamable since its launch. Basically, my job is to create clips by adding different funny or single-category short videos such as “memes of the day” or “dancing videos of the year”. Well, I used to download material from different websites and then my friend recommended Streamable.

I started using this application, and after finding the required video I tried to download it from the application directly. Although the application is more than awesome and delivers outstanding content, it was hard to find the download button. Then I came to know that Streamable does not allow you to download its videos and it was completely strange for me. But instead of losing hope, I searched for ways to solve this problem.

It took 3 to 4 hours to understand that there is a hack to get the video in the download folder. First, it was hard to use the platform but after proceeding twice or thrice, I learned a simple way which I will explain later in this guide. However, the platform I found is considered a Streamable video downloader. It allows you to download application videos in a quick and simple way. But before we dig into the methodology, let me tell you about Streamable.

I know you must have a question in your mind, why does Streamable not allow you to download? Allow me to take you back to the time when the application was launched in 2015. As Streamable appeared on the app downloading stores, the application had record downloads. However, the parent company of Streamable, Imungar passed a rule that the content on the application belongs to its creator therefore no one can download it.

Plus, if the application allows everyone to download the content of other people it will create chaos in social networking applications and websites. Because Streamable will be unable to find the real owner of the video as well as the video created by someone belongs to him or her, it is more appropriate to say that the video on Streamable is the intellectual property of its creator. Therefore, allowing other people to download videos will violate the intellectual property rule.

How To Download Streamable Videos With The Help Of Downloader?

It is a completely discouraging statement that no one has the right to download the video from Streamable and the application does not provide a download button. Anyhow, you don’t need to disappoint because I have a way to accomplish this goal and I named it “Streamable video downloader”. In simple words, you can easily download videos with the help of a third-party website.

Using these websites is super easy but still, there are a few factors one can experience as barriers. To eliminate those obstacles and allow you to go without any resistance, I have divided the entire procedure into 4 steps. So, follow my lead and carefully come along with me virtually, let’s unlock the secrets!

Step 1

Imagine you are using Streamable, suddenly a video of a dance or song touches your heart and now you want to share it with your friend. Copy the URL of the video if you are using the Streamble website mode, or copy the link of the video in case you have an android or iOS mobile version.

Step 2

Go to the downloadaboutall video downloader, and click on the link, wait until it opens. As the interface is clear in front of you, find the download bar. If you are using the mobile version, open chrome and click on the three upright button icons. It will show a drop-down option list, find “desktop size” and select it. You will see the complete page on your small mobile screen easily now. Find the download bar, usually, it appears at the front of the page.

Step 3

It is most likely that the bar is at the start of the page, however, as you find it, paste the copied link in the bar. Here you may see two types of buttons, “convert” or “download”. Both have the same meaning: get your favorite video for free. Anyhow, paste the link and then confirm that the link you have pasted is accurate.

Step 4

It took only 2 minutes maximum to come to the verge of the end. Select the quality of the video you desire and click on the download button. You will see that the video will come in the download folder on your desktop. If you are unable to find it, press ctrl + J on chrome and it will show you a list of all your downloads. For the mobile version, you can find it in the download folder of files or click on the three-icon button and then select downloads, it will appear there.


Can I download videos from Streamable?

Yes, you can download videos of Streamable not directly from the application or official website but with the help of a third-party website. Basically, the application does not allow people to download videos of others, therefore, you need assistance to get videos with help of third-party platforms.

What is Streamable used for?

It is hard to summarize the uses of this application in a passage. However, it is a hosting application and allows users to create videos, edit and then upload them. The application is also used for business purposes plus people prefer to use it for fun. It provides short videos from 60 seconds to 5 minutes, entertaining or informative.

Is Streamable legal?

Using the application is legal, you can perform a lot of social activities including finding a social media family. The application is legal until you do not upload content of other people. Otherwise, people can take legal action against you.


As a content creator, my hunger for such applications that provide incredible content for free never ends. You might be using the application for recreational purposes or searching for a video to add to your newly edited clip. However, this application can provide you with a list of such clips whether you want a funny or serious video. Moreover, you can edit a video from the application as it provides countless video editing options.

But the problem comes when you want to download the desired video, you cannot do this task directly from the application. To eliminate this issue, I have mentioned one of the easiest ways to get the content you want, in your download folder. I also explained why Streamable does not allow downloading and then mentioned 4 simple steps to do the job smoothly.