Unleash the world of unlimited Reddit videos Downloader with help of a video downloader and learn how to use it in 5 steps.

Reddit Video Downloader is not only popular but one of the biggest social media platforms where you can find multiple videos including movies and songs. Well, the website allows you to watch or listen to the content while staying on the page, but you cannot download it for offline mode. But now you do not need to worry because I have gotten a simple and fast-paced method to download any video with help of a Reddit video download.

It is more appropriate to say that the downloader is a third-party platform, meaning it connects you with Reddit and, as a result, provides you with the video you wish to download. Here you can download limitless videos of different qualities. The platform does not require any account nor it does ask for personal information. Not only this, it is free for people so let’s discuss how to use Reddit video downloader.

Reddit Video Downloader

Reddit HD Video Downloader
Reddit HD Video Downloader

Reddit is a social news platform, it was launched in 2005 and now has become one of the biggest discussion hubs. The platform is available in many forms, applications, or websites. You need an account to log in and then you can access countless materials from newspapers to magazines, videos, and even movies on the platform.

I have been using Reddit for years but never downloaded any content until a few months ago when I wanted to share a video with my friend. Instead of providing her a link, I thought to send the complete video but there was no option to download it. However, I tried different ways but nothing worked. After searching for more than two hours I came up with a solution that I need assistance from a third-party application.

All the discussion apart, the question arises why does Reddit not allow people to download content? The company’s point of view is very clear. First, it claims that it is a social media discussion hub that’s why there are no downloads. Second, because the videos available on Reddit are the property of their creators, it does not allow other people to download and use them maliciously.

But sometimes you just need content for positive purposes such as you found a lecture and you want to download it because the internet is not available 24/7. Therefore, I have searched out that one needs help from third-party applications such as Reddit video downloaders. But people also have myths that these platforms leak your private information.

As a matter of fact, there is no truth in this statement that third-party downloaders steal your data. Second, they claim that these websites are highly expensive and it is a bit true but there are also free websites available. Third, they argue that the websites require you to sign up first but not all the downloaders work in this way. Anyhow, the Reddit video downloaders are straightforward, instead of wasting time they download the desired content, within seconds.

Moreover, you do not need to pay, all the functions are free. Believe me, the procedure is easier than using the Reddit application. All you need is to click three to four times and the video you want to download will appear in the download folder. Let’s move towards the steps, I have divided all the information into easy-to-follow instructions, and here are 5 to download videos from Reddit.

How To Download Content From Reddit Video Downloader

Step 1

I am also not a fan of long details therefore we will keep all the information short. First, go to the application or the website and find the video you want to download. Once you have determined the video to download, click on the share button and it will drop down a list of options. Now you have to select the “copy link” option. Once you tap on the copy button, it will copy the link to the video. This same procedure goes with android and iOS.

Step 2

You have successfully copied the link of the video and now the next step is to paste it, but where? Go to google chrome and search for a Reddit video downloader. Open the link and it will provide you with a simple interface. If you are using android, after opening the downloader’s page, click on the three dots button up right on the page. Tap on the button and it will drop down a list, select the “desktop size” option and the whole page will fit on the small screen.

Step 3

After fixing the page, search the download bar. Most likely, the button will be available at the top of the website but in case you do not find it, go to the middle of the page. However, paste the link you have copied from the application or from the Reddit website in the download bar. At the right or below the bar, you will find a “download” or “convert” button.

Step 4

After pasting a link in the download button, determine the quality of the video. You can choose from 144 P to 720 P. Now click on the download button and the video will be in your files’ download folder within 3 to 5 seconds. If you are unable to download the video, ensure that the link is the same.

Step 5

Sometimes, because of internet problems, people are unable to download content. Check the link, fix the internet, and also refresh the website. In case you do not find the video, go to the desktop, open downloads, and search with the name of the clip. Or press ctrl + J and it will show you a list of all downloads. If you are using android, click on the three dots button, tap on the downloads option and it will show you all downloads.


How do I download Reddit videos to my phone?

You can use third-party platforms such as the Reddit video downloader. Search it on chrome, open the link, paste the link of the video, click on the download button and your video will be in the download folder. Otherwise, Reddit does not offer to download the video directly.

Can I read Reddit offline?

Technically, yes, you can use the application in offline mode. Basically, the application requires an internet connection but if you have saved posts and videos you can use the application offline.

Is Reddit free to download?

Reddit is free to download, you can get the application version from the play store or apple store. The application is free to use and does not charge a single penny to download.


I have been using the application for years but it was a strange experience that Reddit does not offer direct downloads. However, I found another way to get the videos in my download folder with the help of third-party platforms. The website is easy to use, does not cost any buck, you do not need to log in or sign up either there is a free trial duration to download.

Additionally, the downloader offers you unlimited videos, there is no restriction on the count of downloads. Anyhow, I have explained how to download clips from this discussion hub. The guide also instructs you on all the details in 5 steps. The article also leads you to the important query that why does Reddit not allow to download content. I hope you find this guide helpful, thank you!