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All I have to do is to go through boards containing the Pins that I have saved before brainstorming for a project. It can get slightly difficult to share these videos and images with my client as Pinterest does not allow downloading the videos that are shared to other Apps. Luckily, I have found a tool that makes it easier to download these video pins, so I can have them on my mobile or laptop when I have sat down to sketch my project. The Pinterest Video Downloader is a savior for me.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest Video Downloader - HD Quality

Here I have brought to you all that you need to know about the Pinterest Video Downloader – HD Quality, so you can get your favorite videos easily.

Pinners can get a large number of creative ideas via Pinterest. The visuals that are uploaded on the image-sharing website are mind-boggling. With the large virtual market created due to advancements in technology, it can be hard to stay on trend. Especially those who are in fashion, interior, construction, and manufacturing businesses. Being an interior decorator I find it easy to scroll on Pinterest to stay updated about what designs are in and which are out of fashion.

The internet has a large influx of ideas and visuals, but accessing them all is quite impossible. You can feel lost and confused due to such a large variety and options. Pinterest is quite a helpful platform that not just provides you with millions of visuals but also makes it easy for you to get access to the ones that you have found really helpful and adorable. There are not only images, but you can also find lots of videos and GIFs related to a large array of topics.

You can find ideas related to cooking, fashion, home decor, interior, construction, accessories, nature, and whatnot. It is like an album having ideas that you might have liked or any product that you are planning to buy. Any time you can open your pinboard and have a look at the visuals, you can stimulate brainstorming and have creative ideas of your own.

It is like a visual search engine that will help you in having check and balance of what’s going around in a particular domain. Initially, it was not considered to have any aspect of social networking, but currently, it is one of the leading social networking platforms that not only provide access to users via its website but also allow them to download the app for better usage.

Curation of visuals was never easier before. You can name and save pins to a particular pinboard, so you can use Pinterest for more than one type of idea. The social media platform was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. The platform was founded on December 3rd, 2009.

The headquarters of Pinterest is in the United States of America, San Francisco California. Its website has more than 400 million users that are registered and the number of people who visit the site is more than 440 million each month. The best part of using this platform apart from other image-sharing sites is that you will have posts only in the form of videos, images, and GIFs. There is no extra information that might distract the users.

You can post your own pins and save those of others. The pins can take the users to the original place. You can find links to products and actual creators or owners of the content. More than 300 billion pins have been uploaded on the platform since its launch about fourteen years ago which includes videos, images, and GIFs of any sort. You will have to save the pin on your clipboard which is possible once you have registered on the site.

Pinterest Video Downloader – HD Quality

The Pinterest Video Downloader is a helpful tool that one can find on the browser and with the help, one can download videos from Pinterest in the form of pins. The app helps the users in saving pins to the clipboard. All these features are virtual as you don’t have the pins saved on any device. Rather they are present on the app or website and you will require a wifi connection to access them. But now you can download the video on your mobile with the help of this tool.

What Is So Special About The Pinterest Video Downloader?

The Video downloader for Pinterest has made it quite easy to have possession of the videos that other users upload on the platform. This is not it as you not just have offline access but you can even change or increase the quality of the video. You can change the format according to your preference and you can even select the size of the video. Without the downloading tool, Pinterest only allows you to save the pins on the clipboard of the account that you have to log in to.

There are no features to change the content, but once you have downloaded the video you can even share it on other platforms too and can even get a second opinion about the idea or pin from your friends and families. Once you have downloaded the video you can watch it wherever and whenever you like. The most amazing thing is that you can get these pins uploaded by other people around the globe just for free. There is no copyright or subscription required.

How To Download The Videos From Pinterest Video DownloaderHD Quality

Downloading videos is a piece of cake once you know the proper tool and procedure. It will take a few minutes to download the videos to your device. There is no rocket science behind it. Although many pinners are unaware that such a tool exists which makes it easy to download videos, it really helps a lot. Especially if you use Pinterest to help you with your business or career. Here is how you can use the downloader to get videos from Pinterest.

1. Open the Pinterest App or go to the website on your browser.

2. Open the video either by searching for it on the search bar or by clicking on the video which is saved on your pinboards.

3. On the browser search for Pinterest video downloader and open the page. You will have a bar for pasting the link of the video that you want to download.

4. Copy the link to the video from Pinterest.

5. If you are using the online website then the link of the video will appear automatically on the browser address box, but if you have downloaded the app on your mobile then click on the video and go to the copy link. You will get the link to the video.

6. Now go to the page or website which is offering the downloading tool.

7. Paste the copied link on the toolbar and press the download button that might be present beneath or beside the bar.

8. Wait for a few seconds.

9. Once the download is complete you can view the video in your downloaded files and using the save as feature change the name of the video.

10. Now you can view the video anytime without even having a connection.


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Download your favorite Pinterest videos for free with our easy-to-use online video downloader. Enjoy offline viewing anytime, anywhere.

Pinterest Video Downloader Online – Free & Easy Video Downloads

Download your favorite Pinterest videos for free with our easy-to-use online video downloader. Enjoy offline viewing anytime, anywhere.

Is Pinterest Video Downloader free?

You can have limitless and free access to download videos or pins with the help of the Pinterest video downloading tool. There is no subscription required either for the tool or for the platform. You don’t even have to give any personal information in order to get registered as there is no restriction or need for it. Simply open the website and paste the link to the video. You will have the video once you have pressed download.


I hope that now it will be easier for you to download the videos via the Pinterest video downloader. Instead of saving them on the pinboard you can have them on your mobile, laptop, or any other device. You can even share the video with other people on other apps. All you have to do is copy and paste the image link on the tool’s bar and press download. Your work will be complete and you will have the video in your possession.