Take your Likee experience to the next level by downloading videos with help of Likee video downloader and enjoy binge-watch session.

Likee’s sophisticated algorithms set it apart from other social media platforms. As the virtual world is growing, this application has taken the world by storm. No doubt, sharing Likee videos with friends and family is an addictive activity for users. You can copy the link of the video and paste it into the message section of your friend’s chatbox. But the problem is that it does not allow us to download its videos directly.

Don’t be panicked because there is a straightforward way to download the videos, the Likee video downloader. Let’s put it simply, it is a third-party platform that offers you to download videos from the app without disrupting quality. Additionally, it erases the watermark or logo from the video so you can share it on other social media platforms. Know more interesting facts about the Likee video downloader with me in this guide.

Likee Video Downloader

Likee Video Downloader
Likee Video Downloader

Likee is an application that provides 30 to 60 seconds short videos and clips. The mechanism of this application is very simple, even a layman can upload a video and become famous worldwide quickly. Because of its easy-to-use and attractive interface, the app is becoming popular day by day. The report of its popularity also came in front of me when I was searching for applications like this one to get funny clips.

As a video content creator, my job is to mix different videos and make a complete 3 to 5 minutes clip for other social media platforms. I downloaded the application and found that the claims about its reputation are true. First, it is easy to use and this makes it an addictive app. Second, the algorithms are more advanced, it quickly understands what type of videos you like.

It encouraged me to use it further and finally, I found the type of videos I was searching for. But when it came to downloading the clip, there was no button or method. After struggling for more than half an hour, I discovered that the application does not allow its users to download the content. Here starts another battle for the content, I searched for ways to download videos and after a quest like walking on fire, I came up with a solution.

We will talk about the solution later, but the question you might have right now is “why does Likee not allow its users to download content?”. It is a valid question and the answer is simple, all the content available on Likee is the property of the application. Deeper in detail, the content is not allowed to be downloaded because it is created by certain people. Moving on further, this application considers that content is the property of the creators.

All people who create content on the Likee have the right to download their own content but because you have no contribution, therefore, you cannot get it in your download folder. Plus, if applications allow downloading, it will be hard to determine the original creator of the videos. As well, a wide amount of content will create problems for the users, and every user will try to upload pirated content. That’s why downloading is not allowed.

But you can have another way to fulfill your desires. There are third-party platforms available for downloading videos of Likee. If I explain to you briefly, they allow users to reach the content they desire and offer to download videos for free. Furthermore, the Likee video downloaders do not lower the quality of the content as well as such platforms remove the logo or watermark of the resource application. Let me tell you how to download it.

How To Use Likee Video Downloader

Although the platform provides a simple interface, you might face a little difficulty locating the download button and determining the quality of the video. Therefore, I am about to divide all the procedures into 4 steps. You are required to follow each step one by one carefully and not skip any detail.

Step 1

The first thing you have to note is that the video you want is available on Likee. After you have determined the clip, copy the link to the video. Click on the button available on the left side “share” and it will show you a list of the options from copying the link to sharing the video link with friends. If you are interested to share only a link then copy and paste it into the inbox of your friend. But for the video, copy its link and stay patient.

Step 2

Once you have copied the link, go to chrome and open the Likee video downloader. Once you have done and opened the link, click on the right upside three-dot icon. As you tap on the button, it will show you a list of the options from downloads to opening multiple tabs. All you need is to find the option “desktop size”. Select the options and the whole page will fit on the screen of your phone.

Step 3

Your half task has been done but now the download procedure starts. Find the “download bar” or “download” button. There are chances the button is available with a second name such as “convert” or “get the video”. Anyhow, find the button on the page, mostly, the button appears at the top of the website.

Step 4

Once you have the button, paste the link you copied from the Likee in the bar. Before you click on the download button, confirm that the link is accurate. Then move to the quality determination section, here you will see different options from 144 P to 720 P. Select the quality of the video and then click on “download”.

The video will download according to the speed of the internet. In case the video downloader shows an error, check the link of the video and repaste it in the bar. Once the download completes, click again on the three-dot button on the upright side of the screen. It will show the “downloads” button, tap on the option and it will show you the video. Or go into the files, open downloaded files and the clip will appear there.


How can I download videos from Likee?

Downloading a video of Likee is super easy; copy the link of the desired video, paste it on the Likee video downloader, select quality, and click on the download button. Check, your video is in the download folder.

Can I download Likee app download?

You can use this application as a video editor. It allows users to apply multiple filters, attach songs with video and add stickers to the clip. You can download the edited video from the application directly.


You might find it difficult to use Likee video downloader but after using it twice or thrice, you will become a fan of this platform. It not only breaks the wall between you and your desired content but also allows users to get the clip in the best quality. Plus, the simple interface has signs and indications to lead you on how to proceed further after you reach the website. A few claim that these platforms are not safe for data privacy.

But for your information, there will be no harm to your private information because the platform does not require permission to your phone gallery. Anyway, I have explained the application, its rules, and regulations, why it restricts users to download the content of other people, and 4 easy and time-saving steps to download content from Likee video downloader. Now go and test, you certainly enjoy the videos.