Download your favorite Kwai videos quickly and effortlessly with help of the kwai video downloader in 5 simple to follow steps.

It is time to take the experience of Kwai to the next level by downloading videos. You might have heard that Kwai has stopped offering the download button, you can only share content on Whatsapp or copy the link. But is there any way to download the videos of Kwai? Yes, there is and we call it the Kwai video downloader. You might have never heard about such a tool but such platforms offer you to download Kwai videos without any watermark.

Now you can calmly use the application and download your favorite videos to watch later, in offline mode. However, these downloaders are easy to use if you have any prior experience, otherwise, you need two to three hours to understand the mechanism. Don’t need to be panicked because I am here to guide you all about these downloaders, and you will find all answers popping up in your mind, in the article. Let’s go deeper!

Kwai Video Downloader

Not long enough, in 2011 a Chinese company launched a phone application and named it Kwai. The application is based on 1 billion users and 300 million active users from China. It is more popular in China, Russia, and India rather than in other European countries. However, it is based on 60-second videos, you can use it as an entertaining application.

I started using it after my friend’s recommendation and Kwai really proved itself. There were millions of short videos available, and the algorithm of Kwai is one of the most advanced, that’s why any user, including me, has 30 minutes of watch time on first exposure. After days of using the application, I came to know that it does not offer to download the video. Either you can share it as a WhatsApp status or send the video’s link to your friend.

Instead of giving up like others, I searched for a safe method to download the videos. And finally, after searching for more than three to four hours I came up with a solution which I will guide you on later. But currently, the question arises, why Kwai does not allow downloads?

Why Does Kwai Not Allow To Download?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is that they care for intellectual property. Basically, the application is famous because of its easy-to-use functions and strict rules of copyright. A user cannot download the video from the application directly because the content belongs to the creator and without the owner’s permission, you cannot use it, except by watching it on Kwai.

Actually, Kwai policies and privacy rules claim that the content you upload on the application is your property, therefore, no one can download it except you. In case someone downloads and uploads the content without the owner’s permission, it is a violation of the rules and regulations of the application. That’s why you cannot download any video from Kwai. However, I can tell you a hack to get the video.

How To Download Kwai Videos?

How To Download Kwai Videos
How To Download Kwai Videos

It is time to introduce you to the Kwai video downloaders, they are third-party platforms developed to assist people like us. These platforms peacefully download the videos without watermarks therefore you can use them for Instagram reels or stories. Plus, these downloaders are easy to use and secure. Here are 5 steps to use the Kwai video downloaders.

Step 1

The first step is to open the application and find your favorite video. Scroll down until you like a video and then copy its link. You can find the copy button in the right side down arrow. Click on the button and you will see different options from “share on WhatsApp” to “Duet” and “copy the link”. Click on the copy link button and it will show you a notification that “you have successfully copied the link”.

Step 2

You can use a cell phone to download the video through chrome. Open chrome, search google, and then search Kwai video downloader. Pick up the one you prefer and then open the link. Here is a consideration you should always remember. Once the website opens, click on the three-button icon in the up-right corner. A drop-down list will fall, here choose the “desktop size” option. As you click on it, the page will turn like a computer interface.

Step 3

There might be multiple options or information available, but your duty is to find the download bar. Usually, download bars are located at the start of the page. Once you find the bar, paste the link you just copied from the application. Ensure that no letter of the link is missing and it is the link to the video you want to download.

Step 4

Now click on the download button, and it will show you the category of quality. Determine the quality of the video, from 144 P to 720 P, and click on the download button. Your video will be downloaded according to the speed of the internet. Plus, the video will have no watermark of Kwai.

Step 5

Downloading videos from social networks like Kwai is super easy if you have the right platform to download them. However, you can download the video in multiple qualities plus the video will arrive in the downloads. Go into your phone’s files, click on the internal storage, find the download folder and you can see the video there. On the other hand, click on the three-button icon on chrome and go to downloads, and the video will appear.

Why Is The Kwai App Not Available On Google Play Store?

Although Kwai is available on the google play store, it might be possible that it does not show you because of regional problems. Basically, the app is banned in a few countries because of providing harmful and illegal content according to the laws and regulations of that country. Probably, that’s why you cannot see it on the google play store. However, you can download its apk to run the application.


What do all video downloaders do?

Video downloaders are famous for assisting in downloading videos. They help to download videos from applications like Kwai which does not allow downloading content directly.

How can I use a video downloader?

You can open the link of any video downloader, paste the URL or the link of the video in the download bar, click on the download button, and determine the quality. The video will come in the download folder of your phone or computer.

What happened to the Kwai app?

Kwai is a social media application famous for entertaining people with 60-second videos. However, it is also banned in a few regions for violating the terms and conditions of the country’s law and order. Otherwise, the application is widely available on the play store in other regions.


Video downloaders are extremely helpful as they allow us to reach the content in offline mode. They not only provide a variety of qualities to download but also allow us to download videos in a wide range such as the Kwai video downloader. These third-party websites remove all the barriers between us and our favorite content. Use Kwai video downloader to download limitless content from the application with the help of 5 steps.

You do not need to be frustrated because you cannot download a funny or singing video without a watermark. The Kwai video downloaders have the ability to take your experience of leisure and pleasure to the next level. Anyhow, I briefly informed you about the application and addressed how to download the videos in 5 steps. I hope this guide answers all your queries, thank you!