There are different ways to share or download videos from IMDb. However, you need help from a third-party platform, “IMDb Video Downloader ”. 

My friends call me a cinephile, a person who has great affection for movies. And it is true that I spend most of my time watching, reading, and searching for movies. There are various websites for searching and reading about movies but I prefer IMDb. It is a social platform where one can find all genre movie details and their reviews. Plus, the website is famous for presenting ratings regarding movies.

I have been using the website for years because it has a simple mechanism, even a layman can find his type of movie effortlessly. But the problem occurred when my friend asked me to share a movie trailer with her as IMDb does not offer to download videos. Well, it took hours to search for how I could purchase the video but nothing happened. And then I found a way to download IMDb videos for free. Let me share the secret!

IMDb Video Downloader

IMDb was started by Col Needham in 1990 and within a short time, it gained popularity. Today, IMDb is working as one of the biggest movie review and rating platforms. The website is a hub for reviews, one can search for different kinds of movies. For example, if you are interested in history you can find it on “IMDb”. Go to the website and see the movie genre and click on history, it will show TV shows, series, and movies regarding history.

The majority of movie fans like me do not have any idea how to use IMDb as a source to get great movies. But it is not your fault, I will guide you on how one can search movies, download previews and trailers from IMDb, and more. It is better to divide all details into steps so one can follow them without getting frustrated by a bunch of information. Anyhow, let’s start with how to download a video from IMDb effortlessly and for free.

How To Download IMDb Videos

There are different ways to share videos on IMDb. One can copy the link and send it to the inbox of a friend or you can directly share the link from the app. If you are using the IMDb application, it is better to share the link to the videos. But if you want to download the full video, you can use different platforms. I will recommend 2 most easy ways to download IMDb videos.

Whether you are using the application or you are on a personal computer, you need help from a third-party platform such as “IMDb Video Downloader ”. The website is legal and free in all the states and you can search for it on google. Therefore, you are required to open google chrome and search for the name of the website in the bar, and it will show different downloaders. But you have to click on the first link.

Step 1

You have successfully opened the link but a few users who are searching the platform on their cell phones should follow a slightly different method. After searching the website’s name, open the link and change the page setting. Android users can see three dots at the right top, and click on those dots. Suddenly a box will drop down where you can see different options. Click on the “desktop site” button and the page’s setting will be changed.

Step 2

After changing the page’s settings, you will see different options. Whether you are on a computer or searching on android, the page’ setting is similar now. Anyhow, the website is ready to download videos but you are left to select which video you want to download. Minimize the page and go to the IMDb page or open the application.

Step 3

Here you can find different bars including the search bar. Search your favorite movie or find it from the genre. Once the movie or TV show is in front of you, click on it. As the page opens, you can see different details such as movie minutes, ratings, and stars. Now click on the trailer and it will again open another window. After the video starts, copy the URL of the video from above.

Step 4

Before you leave the page, you can see that there is no download button, you cannot download the video from IMDb. However, go back to the page of “IMDb Video Downloader”. Here you can clearly see a writing bar, paste the URL in that box. Plus, there are two buttons available: “download” and “paste from clipboard”. If you click on the paste from the clipboard button, it will ask for permission to read texts from the clipboard.

You can permit the website if you consider that there are no security threats. Well, paste the URL by tapping ctrl + v or clicking on the right button, it will show a list, click on “paste” and the URL will be there.

Step 5

Once the URL is in the box, click on the “download” button. As you click the button, it will automatically take you to the end of the page. Here you will see two options, “ HD Mp3” and “Batch download in 4k / 1080p 420+ format. To be honest, the second button is a scam, if you click on it, the link will take you somewhere else. But if you click on the first button, the video will start downloading.

Step 6

It is not actually a step but rather an instruction that sometimes, the URL you copy does not work. It happens because of bugs, so you should not worry about it. If the website shows, it does not find the video, recopy and paste the link. Plus, in case you recopied and pasted it but still it is on the same page, you should pass and click on the download button multiple times. Anyway, some people have permanent problems with this site so here is another one.

IMDb Downloader Leader.To

Step 1

This hack is for those who find difficulty while downloading the video from the previous platform. All you need is to search the downloader in the google search bar and it will provide different results, click on the first link and it will open the IMDb downloader Leader.To. This website is a bit more advanced than the previous one. That’s why it provides more features.

Step 2

Rest of the procedure is the same, the way I have mentioned before from opening IMDb to copying the URL. Once you copy the URL of the video, paste it into the search bar of the Free IMDb Video Downloader bar. Here you can see different options for quality. For example, if you want to download only audio, you can choose the mp3 from the format section.

Step 3

Select the format of the video HD or 1080p and click on the download. The blue download button requires a click, as you tap on the button, it will start converting the video from the standard format to the demanded video format. However, it will take 10 to 15 seconds and as you complete the procedure, you can see a download button appear below the converting percentage bar.

All you need is to click on the button and your video will start downloading. Once the video is downloaded you can see it in the download folder. Or stay on chrome and use ctrl + j, it will show you the download list. You can find all downloaded videos from the list. Anyway, these two approaches are for the people who do not want to get in trouble with premium accounts and are wise enough to download the videos without investing a single penny.


How can I download videos from IMDb?

You can download the IMDb videos without trouble. But you need third-party interference such as the IMDb video downloader or IMDb downloader Leader.To. Actually, IMDb does not offer to download videos directly from the application or website.

Is the IMDb app free?

Yes, IMDb is a completely free application for users, anyone can create an account without paying them. Download the application and sign in, you are free to use it.

Is there a paid IMDb version?

Yes, there is a paid version of IMDb, there are different deals from monthly to yearly and group plans. They cost you differently, from 19.99 bucks to 149.99 and 79.99 dollars respectively.

How do I install IMDb?

You can download the application from the google play store. Open the application, search IMDb, and download their application. Otherwise, if you find it difficult, then download an APK of the application from


Instead of downloading the movie and concluding that your 2 hours are invested on good terms or not. I will suggest using IMDb for reading reviews and watching trailers. There is nothing perfect in the world so there could be mistakes in the websites but it does not mean you should stop using the platform. On the other hand, you can solve any problem such as the issue of downloading videos.

It is too straightforward and a free procedure to have the video on IMDb within seconds. I have explained two different ways to download the videos. The first one is for everyone and the second platform is for downloading videos in different formats. Anyway, the steps are mentioned above, I hope you find the guide helpful. Thank You!