Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use Douyin Video Downloader for free and without the application’s watermark.

Douyin has become an increasingly popular application with 600 million users. The application is like TikTok, in more appropriate words, it is the Chinese version of TikTok. There are a few dissimilarities according to the regulation and cultural differences. Anyhow, if you are a Douyin, you might use it daily, and sometimes, some videos touch your heart so you want to share them with your friends. The same has happened to me a few months back.

There was a video of a dance, and I wanted to share it with my husband but because the application does not offer a download, I failed to share it. But after searching a lot, I came to know that one can download videos of Douyin easily. There are a few websites that help you download the videos of such social media platforms without watermarks. However, I tried various hacks and this worked so I thought to share it with you guys.

Douyin Video Downloader

Douyin is another version of tiktok and ByteDance in 2016. The application is growing day by day and now has become an influential social media platform. One can grow the account on this application within days as it has simple algorithms and promotes user content-boosting policies. As I have mentioned above there are millions of users of the application and millions of videos are available to watch.

Once you open the application, the average watch time is 30 minutes for new users. As the application is providing a great amount of quality content, people like to download the videos.

But the problem is that the application does not offer to download its content. If you download it, it comes with a watermark so you cannot upload it on other social media platforms. But I have found a way where you can download the videos without a watermark and with high quality.

Go Downloader

Go Downloader is a website for the advantage of people, it does not steal data nor is it harmful to your phone. The platform provides you the opportunity to download a maximum number of Douyin videos without charging you money. I am recommending this website because it is easy to use and unlike other websites does not show ads or scam buttons which take you to unrelated pages. Let’s divide the process into steps

Step 1

Downloading the video is not a time-consuming process, all you need is to open the app and copy the link to the video. Once you open the application and start watching videos, now if you want to download a video, see the right side of the screen. There are different buttons available for comments, likes, and shares. Click on the arrow-like button and it will provide different options.

Step 2

As you click on the share button, a list of the different options will pop up. Your duty is to find the “copy video link”. Do not download the video from the app if the button is available because it will come with a watermark. And if you want to remove the watermark, there is no such way to do this task. So follow my lead and copy the link to your favorite video.

Step 3

After you copy the link, open google chrome and search Go Downloader. Click on the first link and it will take you to the website. Here you should consider something if you are downloading the video through your cell phone. Click on the three buttons, at the top right of the screen. Suddenly a list of different options will appear such as downloaded, desktop site, and other buttons. Click on the desktop option and the page will turn like a computer google chrome.

Step 4

Now your way has cleaned and you are done with half the task. The only thing left is to download the video. The link you have copied from the Douyin application of the video is required here. Paste the link in the box by clicking on the right and tapping on the paste button. Or use ctrl + v to copy and another way to pass is to tap on the “Paste link” button below the box.

Step 5

If you are successful in pasting the link, you can download the video now. There are two buttons below the box, click on the right button “Download Now”. As you click on the video, it will start downloading and take probably 5 seconds maximum to finish the download, depending upon internet speed in your area. You can find the downloaded file in the download folder or if it is not there use ctrl + j on chrome, it will show all downloads.


How do I download from Douyin?

The downloading procedure is too simple. Copy the link of your favorite video and open the Go Downloader. Paste the link there and click on the download button, check your video is in the download folder.

Is Douyin safe to download?

There are some safety concerns that the application takes a significant amount of the data. It takes your browser history, location, and device information and your data. But the application uses the information for showing you videos of your interest.

Is Douyin only for China?

Yes, the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin is only for China. You cannot run the application if you are not in mainland China. Similarly, the Chinese population has no access to the international version of Douyin, TikTok.


Applications like Douyin are extremely addictive, once I open it, it takes me 2 to 3 hours. Every video is worth watching and teaches my heart. Initially, I used to download the videos from the application but stopped the practice because of annoying watermarks and low quality. There are different websites for downloading Douyin videos but a few of them are easy to use and consume less data.

Plus, downloading the videos without a watermark is difficult but this website turns out to be impossible. However, in this article, I have explained how one can download the videos of Douyin within seconds without wasting time watching advertisements and investing money. I mentioned the easiest way to get the video in the download folder. I hope this guide helps you.