Learn how you can download your favorite Dailymotion video with help of video downloaders in 5 easy to follow steps.

reetings, fellows are you frustrated with the limited functionality of Dailymotion? Or do you want to download the video for offline use? Whatever the reason, your problem is that you could not download a video from Dailymotion. But now things are simple because you can use the Dailymotion video downloader to get the content in your phone’s files.

As Dailymotion does not provide a direct download option. Whether you want to share the content with your friend or just download it to watch during the coffee break, you need to know how you can use a Dailymotion video downloader. To prevent you from wasting your time, I will guide you all about the free video-sharing platform and easy mechanism to use the downloader. Let’s begin!

Dailymotion Video Downloader

Dailymotion Video Downloading Made Simple The Step-by-Step Guide You Need to Know
Dailymotion Video Downloading Made Simple The Step-by-Step Guide You Need to Know

Dailymotion is a popular website containing millions of videos, it not only has videos related to fun but you can also watch the news, documentaries, and playlists of songs, and movies on the website. These and other video categories make it one of the most famous and one of the top in-use websites for videos. Two decades ago, the website was developed by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey.

When it launched, the purpose was not to make it such a huge platform for video sharing but to create content for people. After a few years of its launch, the platform grew more than it expected, and in 2011 Yahoo entered into a partnership with it because of its popularity. Today, it is one of the biggest video-sharing platforms and for some, an addiction.

Well, I have been using Dailymotion for years because it is easy to find your desired content whether it is a tutorial or news of the day. But a few months back, I saw a funny video and thought of sharing it with my husband. Well, I tried to find the download button but came to know that this website does not offer offline downloads. Instead of losing hope, I searched for more than three hours and came up with a solution.

Why Does Dailymotion Not Allow Download?

After discovering that the website does not allow download, the first thought that popped up in my mind was “why does Dailymotion not allow download?”. To find the answer, I checked the interviews of investors and their owners. However, I concluded that the website does not allow content to download or allow save dailymotion video because once you upload the content, the video or news is considered the property of Dailymotion.

Second, imagine that if the content starts downloading on a massive level, it will be hard to spot the original owner or maker of the video as a result, Dailymotion will face a tough time monetizing the account. However, Dailymotion provides a download button to its verified account owners, especially the creators. Therefore, the owner of the video can allow you to download his video. But the question arises, if the case is real, how other people can download videos?

How To Download Dailymotion Videos?

Here comes the real information, you cannot get the video from the original website nor the video you want to download has a download button by its owner. Still, there is a way to download the videos, yes, a way to accomplish this task without frustration and limits. You can use video downloaders for Dailymotion, here the procedure is mentioned in 5 steps.

Step 1

So the procedure is completely easy and time-saving if you follow my steps one by one accurately. First, copy the link to the video. If you do not know you can click on the video, once it opens, you can see multiple options mentioned below the video. As you move the cursor on those buttons, it will show the purpose of those link-connected icons. However, click on the share button and it will open a small window with instructions.

Step 2

You will see that there is no download button available in the share window. But you can share your favorite video link from Facebook, Instagram, to Whatsapp by clicking here. Anyhow, if you want to share the video instead of the link, copy the link of the video. The third option after Facebook and Twitter, you can see the copy link button. All you need is to click on the third button and it will copy your favorite video’s link quickly.

Step 3

You have successfully copied the link and the half task is done. Further comes the procedure to download the video. Here you can use third-party websites for downloading the videos. Go to any third-party website and paste the video link in the download bar. Once you confirm that the link is accurate, click on the download button.

Step 4

It might be possible that once you click on the download button it asks for permission. Basically, here you are required to determine the quality of the video. If you click on the arrow sign, you will see that three to five qualities will drop down with certain numbers, 144 P to 720 P. Click on the button, determine the quality and the video will start downloading.

Step 5

Congratulations! You have downloaded the video within 2 minutes. It is not a step but rather a consideration that the downloaded video will go to the determined destination. If you are unable to find the video or the downloader did not ask for a destination, you can see it in the download folder. For this purpose, you can go into the download folder or use a short key of chrome, ctrl + j and it will show you a menu of what you have downloaded.

If you click on the video, it will open in the player, you are required to click on the “show in folder” button below the video. As you tap on the blue button, it will show the video in the folder. On the other hand, in case you are using a cell phone, you can go into files and then download them. Here go in recent downloads and the video will appear.


Are Dailymotion videos free?

Yes, the videos on Dailymotion are free. Not only this, the videos are legal to watch and the website is completely safe for the users, meaning there is no fear of losing personal data.

Which is better, YouTube or Dailymotion?

To be honest, it is a subjective preference, both YouTube and Dailymotion are the biggest video-sharing websites. They allow users to reach quality content without paying a penny. Therefore, it is you who can decide which is better for you.

Can I use Dailymotion videos on YouTube?

Yes, you can use Dailymotion videos on YouTube.



Dailymotion is the pioneer in the field of free video-sharing platforms. It is the one that led other platforms and built an algorithm that helped users to reach their favorite content easily. Dailymotion is not as famous as other websites today but still, it provides better, nicer, and well-produced content. However, it does not allow users to download the content because of the two reasons we have discussed above.

In some cases, the owner of the content allows watchers to download content but most of the time, it has no way to download the clips. Anyway, I have mentioned the 5 steps to download videos from Dailymotion and how to find them after downloading. I also answered, “why is Dailymotion not allowed to download?”. I hope you find this information cool and enable you to use any downloader efficiently. Thanks!